Reliable Low Cost Moving

Denver, Colorado 0 comments

Do not use this company.I was overcharged, my items were not delivered on time, many items were damanged and missing.

Ross never returns phone calls or emails. The driver/movers speak very little English, are hard to communicate with and do not care about your items. The boxes looked like they were just thrown into the truck. A lot of my furniture was damaged and looks like they dropped the furniture when loading.

The trucks looked like rental trucks and did not have their logo on the truck.I have filed many complaints with Ross and yet no communication.

Reliable Low Cost Moving - Damaged and Missing Items

Denver, Colorado 0 comments
Not resolved

Do not use this company.They did not show up on time and was over a week late in delivering my items.

Many of my items were damaged and missing. Their workers speak very little English and you cannot communicate with them. Ross never returns phone calls or emails. With all the moving companies out there, pick another one.

This was the worst moving company I have ever dealt with. They low ball the quote and then increase the charge once they are on location.

They do not seem concerned with their poor service.Again, do not use this company.

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